Thanks for visiting my gallery. As many of you know, I am an amateur photographer. I enjoy taking photos when someone or something sparks my interest and when the environment offers a particular challenge. You will find many photos of the sports events, primarily alpine skiing as I often accompany my son Alexander as parent-volunteer.

The pictures are, for the most part unedited unless the original came out poorly and I decided to salvage & post the image because of other factors then quality.

I have created this gallery on SmugMug to share my photos with you, your families and friends. Fill free to share the link to the gallery. The photos can be downloaded. All I ask is that the photos not be commercially published without my consent.

You can also order prints directly from the site. Ordering prints from SmugMug supports this gallery and offsets the costs of maintaining it (subscription fee and my software costs).

If you would like to reach me you can leave me a comment on the site of e-mail me at jarek.weronski@gmail.com

I hope you will find the pictures enjoyable, I sure enjoyed taking them.

Jaroslaw (Jaro) Weronski

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